Campaign Platform

Empower our citizens and neighborhoods.

  • Development of community and neighborhood leadership, and civic engagement
  • Restructure City Council as a body that is elected to represent both districts, as well as “at large” interests.
  • Revise the zoning code/land development ordinance – simple, understandable, and designed to insure public safety, protect the environment; ensure energy efficiency, preserve our historic character; and serve a vibrant, multi-use city
  • Create a community Wi-Fi network

Increase Safety in our homes and on our streets.

  • Shared policing effort by the police and the neighborhood community
  • Crime information and enforcement disposition on Internet

Create pleasant, clean and walkable neighborhoods.

  • Improved and aggressive code enforcement, including neighborhood involvement
  • Streets, curbs and sidewalks that are in good repair
  • Accessible neighborhood amenities and services
  • Return to the City Beautiful model: parks & recreation and civic involvement

Increase our prosperity

  • Focus on and improve the quality of basic, “vital and necessary” services
  • Move parks and recreation programs, and other non-essential city activities to non-profit management
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of city government to reduce expenditures
  • Improve current, residential and business tax burden
  • Attract economic development/new investment, that improves “quality of life” of residents
  • Improved communications with the public including greater accessibility to City officials
  • Auction city-owned land parcels to people who will reside, or run a community-based business, on them
  • Increase the economic diversity of city residents

Bring our community together in common cause

  • Hold regularly scheduled public forum on issues of interest with city residents
  • Increase transparency of City government via 21st century technology